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Engage your leadership team with an approach that is as distinct as your organization. WERQ employs a personalized discovery and design model that ensures stakeholder buy-in and measurable impact.

The proof is in the results

Refining your leadership team and optimizing business results is a continual process.  WERQ’s client-centered approach fosters achievement of personal and corporate goals, effective development and execution of strategy, and creation of a solution-focused roadmap for the future.

WERQ’s proven methodology:

1. Discovery

To get results, a strong foundation and roadmap must be built. The WERQ process begins with comprehensive analysis of the background, priorities, and desired outcomes of our clients. A clear definition of success is established, which grounds and guides the work ahead.

2. Matching

Your process – your practitioner. WERQ’s team of Strategic Advisors are all Certified Executive Coaches with unique backgrounds, styles, and specialties. This bench of talent is fully leveraged to ensure you have the best practitioner to get you to the results you expect.

3. Assessment

Accurate assessment is vital to the success of any improvement initiative. Based on your goals, our team implements best-fit executive-focused evaluation tools to clearly quantify the strengths and growth areas most relevant to achieving your desired outcomes.

4. Design

In business, goals without individual, team, and organization-specific strategies in place are unlikely to be achieved. Custom content, interventions and programming is crafted with the nuances and targeted objectives of the client guiding the way. 

5. Implementation

Your unique program design comes to life during the implementation phase. WERQ delivers highly interactive content, and takes pride in maintaining open lines of communication. Services always delivered with professionalism and within budget.

6. Evaluation

Measuring outcomes is key to assuring progress and overall success. Evaluation occurs throughout the engagement, as well as during a complimentary follow-up 60-90 days after services conclude to ensure desired actions and results are solidly in place.

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