Case Study: Building a New Leadership Team in China

By October 5, 2021Case Study

In her new appointment as CEO to a key market of a global services business, the CEO needed to ensure that she had the right leadership team in place to deliver the business goals. She asked for help in determining the team requirements, capability, and style, and to evaluate existing and potential new members of the team in this context.

We worked with her to define the capabilities needed in the team to support the business plan. Once that was completed we assessed the existing team members and also looked at possible internal candidates who meet the skills needed and would also help set the course for a new culture and style of leadership needed. We engaged these people in open conversations about their career development and they completed an assessment to better understand their capabilities and personal styles. The work continued after the team had been appointed, by working with the team to define how the team would work together – roles they would play (in addition to their functional responsibilities), the style of working together, and who yet would rely on each other to lead the business together

The outcomes included a new leadership team aligned with business needs. A team that took ownership of the business culture together and a more engaged local workforce delivering significantly improved business results.