Case Study: Strategy Implementation Engagement

By October 5, 2021Case Study

A large services organization had developed a new 5-year strategy that involved significant restructuring of the business and also a different focus on certain client solutions and delivery methods. In addition to communications to all employees, there was a need to create a project office, staff the office, and put in place teams to work through the implementation of multiple initiatives that were required for the new strategy.

Working with a number of internal colleagues, we defined the requirements of the project leadership and office team and used a talent succession framework to identify and assess potential candidates to take the lead. We also created opportunities for anyone in the business to apply to be on an initiative team and contribute. Communications events were designed to not only share information but engage people in goal setting and solutions for change management, employee engagement, and talent decisions.

In addition to the achievement of the identified short-term business objectives, after 6 months and through massive organizational change, the outcomes included: most initiatives completed; employee engagement scores at their highest level; and voluntary employee churn down significantly.