Natasha Cupps, M&A Specialist

Natasha Cupps

M&A Senior Consultant


  • M&A Specialist
    • Non-Financial Due Diligence
    • Pre-Close Company-Wide Communication Plans
    • Post-Close Day 1 Launch Event
    • Integration Planning
    • Integration Execution
    • Integration Playbooks & Frameworks
  • Strategic Initiative Planning
  • Cultural Assessments
  • Workforce Planning
  • Retention Strategy Design
  • Change Management

Natasha brings 15 years of experience across M&A integration planning, global investing, and strategic human capital initiatives. She brings a unique perspective as a former institutional investor for the first 11 years before transitioning to an operator in the last 4 years. She supports business outcomes through strategic planning, OKR identification, cultural alignment, and cross-functional accountability. Natasha has managed company-wide post-acquisition teams of >40 people for 6 multi-million dollar acquisitions in less than 18 months while creating cross-functional workstreams for project management & functional integration playbooks for scalability. She has also developed post-acquisition employee organizational charts, detailed synergy planning, in-depth cultural assessments, creation of new business units, and frameworks for co-managing new business units during short-term transition periods.

Natasha has worked with public and private companies specializing in the financial and technology sectors. Her experience as a consultant and former institutional investor equips her with a variety of tools and resources that can benefit clients by understanding both the business and human capital dynamics, particularly in fast-paced, high-growth industries.

Natasha has a B.A. in History focused on Antiquities from the University of Missouri – Columbia and an M.B.A. focused on Business Administration and Human Capital from the University of Texas – Austin.


  • Tactical Behavior Assessment®, Business Intelligence Advisors
  • Managing Social & Human Capital, Wharton
  • People Analytics, Wharton
  • Leading Transformations: Managing Change, Macquarie