Drive Sustainable Results with Custom Leadership Solutions

Werq solutions combine thorough discovery, outcomes-focused design, and highly interactive techniques to create leadership alignment and enhancement experiences that unleash exceptional results.

Align and magnify your leadership team with WERQ’s team alignment programs

Achieve exceptional business outcomes, now and in the years ahead, with our signature team alignment programs. WERQ’s comprehensive model combines people, process, and strategy to fuel the development of top-caliber teams.  This rich process ensures that the right people are in the right seats, communication is thorough and effective, trust is proactively developed, goals are clear, priorities are aligned, and the necessary systems and accountability checks are in place to optimize results.

Drive key results by creating an action-focused strategic plan

Great leaders dedicate their time, energy, and resources to the key initiatives with the highest influence over desired outcomes. WERQ’s cohesive three-part strategic planning process ensures vision is translated into concrete priorities, and that thorough “fit-to-execute” structures are in place to drive action and results.

Strengthen bonds, navigate challenges, and solidify alignment with leadership retreats

Senior leadership casts the vision and sets the tone for the entire organization. WERQ facilitates customized retreats that support leadership teams in operating to their highest potential. Retreat agendas are carefully designed to meet the goals of the team and often include topics such as navigating conflict, enhancing communication, building cohesion, reviewing performance and trends, and executing corporate strategy.

Cultivate your talent with 1-on-1 executive coaching

Prepare yourself or your leaders for long-term success by investing in individual executive coaching. WERQ’s highly personalized approach is designed to support executives in identifying growth opportunities, addressing underlying challenges, and implementing strategies to drive desired individual, team, and organizational outcomes.

Ensure a consistent high-performing leadership team with human capital due diligence

Gain a 360° view of current leadership functionality and projected capacity to deliver longterm results. WERQ’s comprehensive human capital assessment process guides investment firms and transitioning companies through mergers, acquisitions or leadership shifts, by mapping the existing leadership capital as it relates to anticipated market and organizational growth endeavors. Recommendations and support are provided to empower leaders and leadership teams in executing key strategic priorities and ensuring the ongoing growth and success of the business.